Apple Music Vs Spotify : The Reckoning

So, I’ve gone back to Spotify, and I have my reasons….

I use a Blackberry, I can use Spotify on this, it’s probably the Andriod version, but who cares, it works.
Can’t get Apple Music on the Amazon App Store (the Blackberry doesn’t use Google Play.). This is kind of a deal breaker for me, my new car makes it real easy to play music through the headphone socket, so music on my phone has taken on a whole new importance, I don’t need to burn CDs anymore!
Spotify recommends better music for me, it’s not amazing, but it’s good enough.
The Apple Music UI isn’t great, but it’s generally better than Spotify, they are both poor in different ways. I find it remarkable that both companies are struggling with this.
My reasons probably only apply to me, and other wierdos who don’t use an iPhone.