The Best Thing at WWDC : Swift Playgrounds for iPad

I’ve often lamented the demise of the home computer, or rather ‘home computing’. When computers were used to experiment, create, and discover. Computers like the C64, BBC Micro, and later machines like the Amiga, weren’t just hosts for web browsers, the C64 and BBC booted into BASIC, it wasn’t an add-on, programming defined those machines, that’s what they were for.

My first home computer was the Acorn Electron, it, like it’s contemporaries booted into the BASIC programming language, and you could create a game, or more likely, you’re own name repeated 10 times, but we had to start somewhere, so we did.
The modern computer in peoples homes is often an iPad, a portal to Facebook and YouTube, and rarely used for much more.
Swift Playgrounds could be the change that re-invents home computing, the iPad is accessible, affordable, and you’ve probably already got one.
John Gruber suggests that Swift Playgrounds may become the new Hypercard Stack. I really hope he’s right.