Lucid 3

Long time followers of The Escapers will know about Lucid, our CSS/JavaScript builder for adding animations to web pages. Lucid came about when one of the Escapers (Moray) had a  dream about how JavaScript could be built with drag and drop, and within a few days, started work.

That was many years ago now, and the web has changed, so we’ve had to change with it. Back then, there was no CSS3, nobody had heard of “responsive” web design, and because not many people were using smartphones, we didn’t really need to worry too much about bandwidth.

These days, CSS3 is clearly the best way to make animations online, and responsive design means that a lot of drag and drop techniques, just don’t work. We’ve also got to consider that not all users want to be downloading a whole heap of libraries just to run an animation.

So it was a big decision to completely re-write Lucid to suit the modern web, and the result is Lucid 3. We hope you like it.


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