Apple Music Vs Spotify

Until recently, I was a hardened Spotify user, I never even bothered to try Apple Music, not because I thought it was crap, but simply because Spotify was doing a decent job, so why bother…  Spotify had all my play lists, and although the recommendations were sometimes comically awful, I found some good music via it too (check out Augustines, brilliant.)

So Spotify seemed to start failed, I was getting garbled music, static, all sorts of strangenss, I though it was my Mac at first, but only Spotify was affected, so I decided to try out Apple Music.
First, the UI. Everyone talks about how bad it is. Yes, it’s pretty bad. It’s buggy and just damn stupid sometimes.
I’ll give you a simple example.
You’d think clicking ‘I don’t like this’ would get rid of that section… Nope. It doesn’t appear to do anything. I even tried restarting iTunes, it’s still there… 
It’s like iTunes is activly trolling me, like ‘Hey, I know you don’t like this stuff, but I don’t care, sucks to be you!’
However, at least Apple Music accepts the theory that there may be music I don’t care for. Spotify does not.
Apple Music is much, much more reliable. In fact, I don’t think a playback has failed once. This really surprised me, Apple services tend to take a while to get right, iCloud was just abysmal when it first appeared, it’s pretty solid now, Apple Maps was famous for testing the emergency stopping abilities of drivers. I really wasn’t expecting it be reliable, but it is, very much so.
Music recommendations are poor, but then I’ve not used for very long, so I guess it takes time to figure my tastes out, some of the recommendations are way, way, off though. Ronan Keating? Where the hell did they get that from. 
So far, Apple Music is better at recommending stuff I hate than stuff I like, it’s like a programmer mistook false for true. I’m not even joking. I think this will get better though, at least I can say I ‘Love’ a song, or ‘I don’t like this’, at the moment it feels like the buttons aren’t hooked up to anything, but the intent is there, and I appreciate that.
So far, it’s not really a matter of preffering Apple Music, I can’t say that I do, but Spotify is unreliable, so I don’t really have the option.

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