The Escapers go Wilde

We’ve just released our new app: Wilde, a brand new blogging app for WordPress.

We made Wilde because as much as we love blogging, sometimes we don’t love the web sites we have to use to write our posts.
Wilde supports all the usual blogging features such as editing posts, local and remote drafts, and we’ve also got some power features in there such as comment management, scheduling posts and support for the JSON API, which means we can provide first class support for blogs at
Right now, the focus is on WordPress support, but if you have a favourite blogging service you’d like us to take a look at, just let us know!

6 thoughts on “The Escapers go Wilde

  1. Hi all, bought it a few days ago. A nice software, like it. one detail: There seems to be an unhandled Error in the case the directory-structure of the WordPress-Installation had changed. Wilde tries to connect the files in the recent paths. If It finde nothing, it crashes imedeately.

    Workaround: Deleting the Directory /com.theescapers.Wilde. It will be found in MyUserAccount/Library.
    After setting up the connection to WordPress (and registering the software again) everything works fine again.

    However: An Errorhandle for that would be nice in one of the next updates. All the best – and thanks for this nice tool with this aesthetical UI.


    1. excactly. Connected Wilde to the “Playground” of my Homepage, located in a different root-Directory then the Public-Version. And yes, it’s an Sunny day for you!


  2. Looks wonderful, but I recently quit WordPress in favor of a static generated site, more precisely Jekyll. I only wish there was an app like Wilde for Jekyll.


    1. I’m not that familiar with Jekyll, but taking a quick look, Flux ( seems like a good a fit. We don’t directly support it, but Flux allows you to put in whatever code you want into your HTML, so it may actually work quite well…

      What sort of functionality for Jekyll are you interested in?

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      1. Flux can be used as a CMS for statics sites, but its main purpose is dev/design pages.

        Jekyll is a CLI Ruby CMS. There’s no DB, it will use flat files, so every page and blog post is a .text or .md file. While it’s very easy to use, it doesn’t have a UI. Truly, in the last 10 days, there’s an UI admin beta on GitHub, but its hosted, not an app.

        But now with the new WP API, maybe I’ll do a come back to WP.


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